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Shoeshines, Laundry / Dry Cleaning and more…

Warren Buffers Shoe Shines and Services is based out of Denver Colorado’s South Metro / DTC area. We offer direct to business,  professional building and office locations, services ranging from Shoe Shines, to Laundry / Dry Cleaning, Shoe Repairs and other professional services. Our system is totally automated. You sign up, log in, order services, we pick up, shine you and deliver back to your office location. We aim to shine the whole professional image.

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Shoe shines should be the cornerstone of American culture again. At Warren Buffers we’re working to help make that happen. From our 6 Buck Buff- Black Fridays (all black shoes at $6) to our full treatment shines, you’ll be looking like new, week in and week out. The process is simple. The shine and results,undeniably a Warren Buffers signature.

America. It’s Time to Shine!


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All Black Shoes Are Just $6!

Men’s and Women’s Shoes


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We Stand Alone.

From shoes to attire to business services, Warren Buffers shines up business in many areas. We only started with shoe shines. We know all professional images start with a grounded appearance. We hand prep shoes with treatment products, machine buff and finish again by hand. It creates a detailed shine that lasts. We further this with our laundry and dry cleaning services. You’ll look Warren Buffered! Our business services extend into areas we know very well. Warren Buffers; You’ll want us in your business.

Our Drop Boxes Now In Denver Metro South.

Anytime drop off for your shoe shine or repair service can be found in multiple Denver South Metro locations. From our home location at Greenwood Athletic Club, to Fiddlers Circle and more!  Just sign up as a Warren Buffers customer, log in and pre-pay for the drop off! It’s that simple. You drop at your buildings drop location and we’ll deliver back to your offices.

As a new Warren Buffers online customer, you’ll get a FREE shine on your birthday. We call it your “Happy Buffday” gift from us to you. Additionally, when you sign up as a customer you’ll receive a $5 off coupon for your first shine.

Get a Drop Box in Your Building

Help Us Shine Up America With a FREE Buff.

Happy Buffday!

Celebrating FREE Shines for Birthday’s.

Born in the buff. Too bad they don’t call it BuffDay. Since they don’t, we decided we would. Our Happy Buffday salute is for providing FREE shoe shines for customers that are celebrating their birthday. But it gets better! Anyone can gift a FREE BuffDay shine to a friend that is celebrating. All they have to do is sign up as a new customer to redeem their FREE shine compliments of you!

Laundry and Dry Cleaning.

We recently launched our Warren Buffer Laundry and Dry Cleaning services. Very exciting time for us.You order online, we pick up direct from your office location, clean, return and you shine. That simple. No pick up and delivery charges. Competitive pricing.

The service is now available to our building and business clients, with pick up service set for Monday and Tuesday’s and return delivery on Thursdays and Friday.

Warren Buffers

Warren Buffers-Business Services

There are lots of ways to connect with value in today’s fast paced world, Warren Buffers sets the bar just slightly higher with our in house corporate services available to our customers. When we attach our name, we know we’re offering some of the best in the business. We have experienced in house folks that have all worked at the Fortune 100 and 500 levels.  Let’s talk service needs. 

Warren Buffers

Shine Awards

Recognizing Colorado’s Best Companies

We follow businesses, companies and professionals throughout Colorado who exhibit socially responsible principals,practices and other values in their business model. From community involvement, to environments inside and out of the workplace – we feel it is important to acknowledge those no matter how large or small through this event. The event is hosted by the Warren Buffers Fortune 1 Club. The club is made up of 250 active professionals, semi-retired or retired individuals from all walks of commerce.
Is your company a candidate?

Shoes on America

Our Commitment to American Families

We value the fabric of America. Every community a stitch and not one should fray. Our Shoes on America  program is just one of our contributions. We work with local organizations in the push to make sure every family in a community that is struggling or in need of a helping hand gets appropriate footwear for themselves and their children.

Warren Buffers

Our program is growing. We are launching in two states! Colorado and Texas are first up for our Shoes On America program. If your organization is interested in partnering,contact us..

We’re Nuts About Shoes and Nuts!

We partner to connect you with award winning fresh kettle roasted nuts maker Bob’s Roasted Nuts for the “New” experience in shoe shines. Nuts and shines just go together. Now we make them available to everyone for purchase when ordering our shoe shine service. Warren Buffers connects you with the very best of the best! Go nuts at checkout.

The flavors will melt you. Go ahead. Order our nuts. Five flavors to choose from.

Warren Buffers

We Shine and Repair Footwear Across the Country

Warren Buffers - Shine Services

We have a diverse repair capability for shoes and boots and can service via our drop box. 

Mens Shoes from $8

Womens Shoes from $8

6 Buck Buff Fridays $6

Boots from $12

Golf Shoes from $9

Belts $5

Women's Boots from $12

Bags from $8-12

Busy Life

Busy schedules. We Shine Up America like none other.