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Shoe shines should be the cornerstone of American culture again. At Warren Buffers we’re making that happen. From our 6 Buck Buff- Black Fridays (all black shoes at $6) to our full treatment shines, you’ll be looking like new, week in and week out. The process is simple. The results, incredible.

America. It’s Time to Shine!

What Sets Us Apart?

At Warren Buffers, we believe all footwear needs time to respond to quality treatment. We don’t rush the process. We hand prep every shoe and boot with treatment products and end with a machine buffed finish. The results are a better, more detailed shine that will stand a longer test of time before the next tune up is needed. You’ll look like boxed new!

We’re Nuts About Shoes and Nuts!

Our award winning fresh kettle roasted nuts have already become legendary with the mile high golf courses we service. Now we make them available to everyone for purchase when ordering our shoe shine service.

The flavors will melt you. Go ahead. Order our nuts. Five flavors to choose from.

Warren Buffers
Warren Buffers

Our program is growing. We are launching in two states! Colorado and Texas are first up for our Shoes On America program. If your organization is interested in partnering,contact us..

Shoes on America

Our Commitment to American Families

We value the fabric of America. Every community a stitch and not one should fray. Our Shoes on America  program is just one of our contributions. We work with local organizations in the push to make sure every family in a community that is struggling or in need of a helping hand gets appropriate footwear for themselves and their children. Read more….


Hand Prep. Machine Finish. Like New!

At Warren Buffers, our leather artisans are trained to our high standards for quality workmanship and customer service.Depending on your service choice or special requests, most shoes/boots we service follow our extensive hand to machine treatment process.

We use high quality products and applications to achieve the final shine of your choice. From soap to final buff out, it’s a Warren Buffers shine!

Warren Buffers

Affordable Prices

Dependable Service

Mens Shoes from $8

Womans Shoes from $8

6 Buck Buff / Fridays

Western Boots from $10

Golf Shoes from $8

Belts $5

Womens Boots from $12

Bags from $8-12

Busy Life

Busy schedules. We Shine Up America like none other.