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About Warren Buffers

The Warren Buffers Vision

Shine Up America With Service!

America once had a shoe shine box on nearly every street corner. People took pride in appearance. Judgement in character was often placed on how well a person cared for their footwear. There was always time made to stop in for a shine, be it for work or social.

Today, America still takes pride in appearance. But gone are the days to the art of shoe shining service at the corner. Our vision is to restore not just the corner stands, but expand the corner to a full living service.

Offering a convenient professional living service to fit today’s busy life styles was the vision that got us started. We focused on building a great culture and workforce while providing unmatched services in not only the footwear care industry, but other services that facilitate business, professionals and their families.

From footwear care, we added dry cleaning services and began recognizing the need for a fuller array of living services in the workplace. We took the vision and expanded it. We began developing our own support entities to fit under our umbrella of living services. Logistics came first with our Blue Hand Group Delivery. Then we added FREE Hail Repair services in both Colorado and Texas. In 2019 we will bring out several of our other entities to keep growing the vision.

Buffers Culture

Building Pride and Creativity

To build a culture that supports a service business vision and values could have been a monumental task. But at Warren Buffers it’s not.We ask each employee in the hiring process a few simple questions. Is it important to you as a person to feel valuable? Are you willing to share your creativity and spirit to help grow our services? Are you willing to help produce a service that has each and every customer uttering the word, “Unbelievable” upon its use? If all the answers pointed to yes, then we know they will fit into the culture of Warren Buffers. Not one position is any better or more valuable than another. Each part of the engine is necessary to make our vehicle run. Spirit will fuel us.We embrace the willingness of each and every employee to play a part of service and growth for the company through creative input, hard work, dedication and the pride of belonging to a family lifework unit. All minds being independent, but acting as one in delivering our valued service.

Focused on Community

Connection. Engagement. Relationships. 

We value the fabric of America. Every community a stitch and not one should fray. We have connected and engaged with various community outreach organizations to help their programs remain successful. We are always on the look out for others as well. Our relationships fall in line with our business focus. Building strong communities by taking care of one another through Connection, Engagement and long term Relationships. We give back to communities through our B2B engagements.