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In the shoe shine world, we come to know it as “Boot Season”. When the ladies bring out their best mid calf to knee boots, designed for both warmth and a protective against the element. Add to this, they always have a fashionable twist to them just the same. We love it!

It’s important to know that there are two ways to prepare for the next boot season. 1) is to take them in to a good shoe service group at the end of the season and prep them for the summer in the closet or 2) put them away with the expectations of having them tuned up come the fall.

We recommend prepping them at the end of the season before putting them into the closet for the summer. Often times the boots will harbor salt and dirt elements from the winter first and foremost. The sooner you get them off the leather the better. Second, the leather or suede will be in need of some treatment as well. Conditioning boots will help them last for years.

Now we know that the die hard boot of all boots is the cowboy(girl) boot.  They are a favorite. Those boots will last a lifetime and upkeep year round is paramount to their longevity.