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Gift a FREE Shine to Your Friends on Their Birthday.

We LOVE to Buff. So Happy Buffday!

Now You Can Give the Gift of Buffday to Your Friends

Don’t just wish your friends and colleagues a happy birthday, give them a gift too! You can now gift your friends that are celebrating a birthday a FREE Warren Buffers Shoe Shine valued at $10! The process is simple. You no longer have to say, sorry I didn’t get you anything.You deliver it right to where you want electronically to social media pages.

Give the Gift of Shine

Shine Up a Friend On Their Birthday!

Social media birthday wishes for friends, colleagues or customers can be pretty boring. Don’t be the one who writes them blah birthday wishes. Just shine em up for their BIG day. Tell em HAPPY BUFFDAY!  Once they register – we’ll give them the code for their FREE Buffday shine compliments of you! We love shining shoes. We want to see America shine again. You can help us out by gifting your friends a FREE Warren Buffers shoe shine on most all the social outlets.

How does it work? It’s this simple.

  1. Just fill in the first name of person
  2. Follow the prompt after submit
  3. We generate the graphic
  4. You choose the social send choice from page
  5. You post it / send it to them.

Click the RED BUTTON below to get started.

We take care of the rest after your friend signs up to claim their FREE shine code.

Thanks and Shine on America!