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There are so many elements to plan for in developing a new business model. A business plan, funding, location, licensing, insurances, employees,website, social media just to name a few. We launched in June of 2016 after 12 months of long market study, prep, research and learning as much as we could about the industry.
Perhaps the most important aspect of finalizing the model is in finding the right personnel and building the internal culture to support your brand or service. After all, today’s internet has made it such that businesses will live or die by opinions, feedback, testimonials and reviews of consumers/customers.

At Warren Buffers, we’ve been adopting and building our internal culture based upon our founders book, “Cucumbers: 50 Cents a Bucket”. It represents a life lesson in the importance of placing value, passion, drive, engagement, connections and relationships into every opportunity.

Engagement.That’s our first step in Warren Buffers work environment. We want each person in our organization to positively engage with one another in order to contribute to a culture they can be proud of developing and growing. Something each can move forward in their personal lives with as well; fulfilling a journey of helping the world become a better place.