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Colorado Is Becoming the Go To Winner

No question about it, the workplace of today is quite a bit different than the workplace older generations remember. Is it a good thing? Absolutely! The workforce drives a very new change in effecting habits that actually can increase productivity. Happier employees make for happier companies.

The work spaces coming out now nearly resemble living environments within an office location, that surprisingly can generate productivity and ultimately keep revenue numbers where they need to be. Certainly, much is being tried and tested, but as with any business, end results will matter.

When you look back over time, it seems the generations before would recognize a problem in the work world, then somehow always answer it with thinking the next generation can figure it out. We should applaud this new generation of Millennials for taking the initiative and owning the task.

What you find with young professionals today, is that they are still very image conscientious and trendy, but also not afraid to be themselves. The stereotyped business suits are fading away as time goes on. It’s a good thing.  You shouldn’t have to dress a brain in a suit. When the numbers work, it won’t matter how they got to them, but only that they did. So green space offices, yoga rooms, natural skylight, shoeless offices, furniture you can adjust, well being programs all can become the norm. Change is successful.

The modern day startups are partially responsible for this shift. Established companies are also seeing the value in it and are beginning to look at areas that will fit this trend. We’re seeing this in Colorado. The state offers more positives for not only starting a business, but also in luring national and global headquarters for sizable companies to relocate here.

We love the growth. Denver and Colorado on the whole are like a successful pilot program. Keep up the great work. Let the sunshine in.