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Is There Reason for Color Other Than Outfit Match?

Lord knows there are more colored shoes than there are choices in the Crayon box. While many shoe styles and colors are used to accessorize a particular outfit, there are answers to how and what best colors are best in footwear while conducting business.

Let’s stick with the color basics here. Variations to these colors work just the same. So what are your colored shoes saying in the work place? Is there reason to wear a certain color on a certain day for a certain part of the day? Absolutely!

People look at shoes. It has a lasting impression when seen. A persons recall of another is usually captured by remembering their shoes. But the color and style of a shoe can send a strong signal once a person has taken in the look. It use to be said that tie style and color would be the indicator. We disagree.

Brown – Black – Reds and Eclectics

Brown is a color that usually signifies a bond. In a work environment, don’t wear brown footwear to a negotiation. Brown shoes or shades of brown such as tans are a good shoe to wear when working with or meeting to employ a team. Managers are suited best to wearing browns.

Black is the most common colored shoe worn in business today. Don’t make it an every day affair. It does mean that you are focused to attend to business and usually business only. A common shoe color that works for meetings and talks. A common ground color. Works well for closing out a deal or project etc…

Red shoes are best in the palette of  the Red Oxnard’s, Mahogany, Cordovan’s or other variations. Red based shoes emit a signal of fire and alert. When in negotiation meetings, wear red based colored shoes. It shows that you are there to negotiate.

ECLECTIC colors are simply fun. Eclectic styles even better. It shows you have another side to yourself. It is a great color to do when you are celebrating a win or milestone. Teams love to see a leader also blend in. Eclectic will get you there.