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The Second City Coming- Is Here.

When driving in from the eastern plains, the roadways grant a person views of the Denver metro area that encompasses the phenomenal growth that is occurring. What use to once just yield a large cluster of downtown skyline has given way to a second coming just south of it in the I-25 corridor. Welcome the surge of Denver Tech Center or DTC as known by locals.

Although it is well into its third decade of existence, DTC has taken on expansion that now doesn’t just add too, but creates a new skyline of its own. From professional office buildings to start up tech companies to tech and support and fortune HQ’s, the center is a prime location.

The new growth has plenty of room for supporting the influx of people that will come for jobs. Greenwood Village, Centennial, Lone Tree, Parker and Castle Rock represent the suburban outlets for housing, as well as added multiple family unites along the fringes. Overall, it’s simply becoming the it place of Colorado.

Amenities for the active professionals and their families are also in place, ranging from the long standing and very modern Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club in the heart of DTC, to restaurants, malls, comedy clubs and other support companies.

Quite simply, Denver Tech Center / DTC rocks!