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Rising consumer costs are wreaking havoc on spending today, due to the fact that wages are not seemingly keeping pace. Inflation can be a tough thing to handle.

Historically, when this happens it is time to be more frugal in our spending habits. Save a little longer to get the non-essential purchases you want. While we seemingly live in a disposable world for consumer goods, it appears to be time to start caring a bit more for our purchases of past. But repair costs on items such as electronics and appliances for example might outweigh the cost of replacement.

Shoes and apparel fall into a unique category all their own. We have seen a jump in the resell market, especially for previously owned garments. Consignment shops have flourished. But shoes in these kinds of shops is usually limited to once or twice worn only looks. There are other onsite shoe resell sites that have also begun to capture consumers looking to score a good pair of footwear at less than retail.

When it comes to footwear, care and maintaining them is paramount to getting the value for the dollar out of them. Buying shoes today most always is a $70 plus investment. While it seems expendable, it really shouldn’t need to be. We shine hundreds of shoes that are more than ten years old. Many look as good as the day they were bought. Why? leather treatment, polish, shoe trees are some of the better reasons. Managing a footwear collection is sound economics. See a great buy on shoes that you know you’ll love? Buy two of them. It’s sound strategy.