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October is National Shoe Shine Month

Warren Buffers Helps Bring American Shine Back

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October is National Shoe Shine Month in America.

Take a look as we honor the historical presence of shoe shines in America. A piece of America’s fabric.

Hey America-

Get Your Shine On in October!

Image usually starts from the ground up. We believe that to be true. The history of shoe shines in America dates even further back into Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. The industrial revolution brought us mass production of shoes and boots and the skilled shoe shiners were in full force to help maintain them. From train stations to corner stands, shines could be found in most all major cities in the early 1900’s right here in America. Today, they are harder to find, but we’re out there!

We love the history of shoe shines. Because it seems like the forgotten art unless you’re traveling through an airport or an occasional downtown business sector, the shiners are few and far between. So at Warren Buffers, we wanted to take matters into our own hands to make sure America knows not only the history of the shines, but that there are many of us still who want to keep the shine alive.

We not only applied for recognition of National Shoe Shine Month but we also will move ahead and promote it as well as we wait to hear back. Seek out local shiners and experience the joy of a freshly shined pair of footwear.