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When Should You Start Getting Fall Boots Ready?

It seems odd to be asking this question in mid July. But fact is, it is actually about that time over the next 30 days.

Some people look for the turning colors of leaves to oranges, reds and yellow to signify the closing of Summer and the beginning of Fall season. Fall and Winter boots for women are quite possibly the best way to tell when things are changing as they seem to intuitively know when it’s right to take them back out on the city streets.

Usually boots are put away in the Spring without receiving an end of season treatment. Depending on the length of time and the elements they were subjected to, it would be a wise thought to get in sooner than later for prep.

A full treatment of stripping the leather, then a rebuild of conditioners and cremes is the best start. Making sure to finish off the work with a full waterproof protection spray is the best way to have you ready to slip them on at first frost.

Lastly, bag the boots in plastic when putting them back on the shelf until the change in season. This allows the conditioners time to both penetrate the leather deeper, but most importantly stay moist for a longer period.