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Where in the World-

Do the Best Shoes Come From?

Having shined thousands of shoes, we see most everything the American market has to offer from our mainstream outlets. While some retailers will carry upper end shoes from around the world, many will not venture to carry a large assortment.

The world still harbors craftspeople devoted to the beauty of hand made quality shoes, while some take it a step further into custom made as well. One our favorite places for discovery is found in Spain. The country is steeped in history of producing some of the best leather footwear and other leather products found on earth. And they are one of the largest exporters of footwear serving primarily neighboring European countries. In fact, the United States ranks #6 as an importer of Spanish footwear. Spain prides itself on craftsmanship and heritage in the making of shoes and boots. They boast several museums, a couple of which actually offer designer courses for footwear.

For everyday ladies footwear, the diverse handmade wear from Vialis ranks among the top. Handmade in Barcelona where you can find their retail outlet, as well as in Madrid. Panama Jack is another favorite standout in the country with emphasis being put in their boot wear for both men and women. The handcrafted boots literally melt around your whole foot. This boot would be a plus for Colorado winters!

For business and everyday attire, we hands down find that Magnanni is perhaps the best to come out of Spain. La Mancha Spain to be exact. We see a steady stream of their styles come through our doors and it is quite refreshing each and every time. But it’s what Magnanni does with their shoes that makes them so unique. One of the first to ever hand dye paint to a “patina” finish- with several applications to the marbled finish resulting in a never duplicated result, Magnanni’s remain a shoe that truly are one of a kind. We will make La Mancha one of our stops on the Warren Buffers world tour.

Consider making your closet a world of shoes. First row… Spain.