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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Put Warren Buffers Shoe Shines on the Hot Seat
We know there are questions about our unique service model. We want to best serve you as we can, so feel like you can call us anytime with questions. For those that just like to read, then you might find your questions answered here as a frequently asked one.

and Operations

How many locations do you have?
We have two shine locations in Denver South Metro – one of which has general services offered at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club in Greenwood Village. The other is our central shine location in Englewood. It serves as our general location for servicing most all the drop box service needs.
Can I drop off and wait for footwear at the Greenwood location?
Absolutely! You can drop in and call down to us. We will make it happen and put you immediately into the shine rotation. You can even take a tour of the Athletic Club while you’re waiting.
When do you expect to be in Texas?
We project opening up operations in the Spring of 2018 with a focus on Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.
Will Warren Buffers be around the country?
Warren Buffers will soon be a franchise opportunity which will allow for faster growth around the country. We will have company operated locations such as Denver Metro and most of the Texas outlets and anticipate more in certain regions of the country.

Drop Boxes
and Businesses

How safe are the shoes in the drop boxes?
While we take responsibility for the footwear only after our drivers pick up and scan the order in, we believe that most all the boxes are in safe areas. Most of the buildings either have or are getting closed circuit video recording gear that usually sees our boxes.
How often do you pick up shoes out of boxes?
We pick up and deliver daily from each drop box location Mon – Fri. Times vary to AM and PM depending on locations.
How long does it take to set a business up with services?
Usually a day is all we need. We set up the business in our system and work it into the route assignments based upon location.
Does a Business location need to have a drop box?
Most of the drop boxes are at building locations only. Depending on the business, amount of projected volume/use is what determines whether a business would also house a drop box.

and Specials

How did you come up with the concept of "Warren Buffers Roasted Nuts?" And why do you sell them?
Our first concept of a Warren Buffers shine experience in a chair was to offer the customer a nice bag of nuts to eat while their shoes were being shined. Since we don’t have the sit down and shine model, we didn’t want the nuts to die off. They are delicious! When we do open a few of those actual shine chair locations, trust us, nuts will be tap!
Do you anticipate having other foods too for purchase?
Yes. We have a surprise up our sleeve that will be a BIG and fun addition. We believe it will be a national rave.
Do you run a lot of Shine Specials?
Our Black Friday Six Buff Buffs are the most popular one we run. We also have our annual “Boot Season” special that we run for the ladies. It’s our way of getting them ready for the winter! We’ll be throwing in others over time. Trust us!
What about National Shoe Shine month. Will there be specials?
Absolutely! We plan on celebrating the month big time with specials. We are the responsible company for getting National Shoe Shine Month out to the masses, so heck yes it will come with specials! Call us nuts, but it just may be those!
Will you have other products for sale with your shines?
Yep. That’s the plan. It’s gonna be fun, eclectic stuff too!

Shoe Shines

Why so many steps in your shine process?
We believe it is more important to treat the leather than shine the leather. Most all leather can be shined- but restoring the color and luster and health of the footwear is important to us. We want to help preserve the lifetime of good footwear.
How often should people buy new shoes instead of shining them?
That’s a subjective question. Most good dress shoes can last years and years if cared for properly. Often they see new sole, heels many times over. Key is how they fit and support your feet over the long haul. Athletic shoes are much different animals.
Do you sell products for shining shoes?
Since our model is based on drop and pick up, we don’t sell as much as we could. However, we will start making more and more of our products that we use available for purchase.
What's the number one thing you recommend for shoes?
Shoe trees, foot spray and nice storage bags.


Does Warren Buffers do repairs to footwear?

Yes. We have one of the best cobblers in the state. We collect the footwear and deliver to our second location for faster repair response time. We try and get repairs back in 3-4 days.

What kinds of repairs are you able to do?

Pretty much all repairs and replacements that you need for shoes or boots. The most common ones we see are for half and full heels, partial and full soles and general leather repair and stitching. It’s pretty extensive.

Can you repair more than just shoes and boots?

Yes. We have taken belts and bags and other misc… leather goods for repair. Most everyone is always very happy with the outcome.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

When did Warren Buffers start offering Laundry Services?

We launched our laundry and dry cleaning services in late October of 2017. It is full service including both laundry only and dry cleaning services. We even do area rugs/carpets with our service plan.

How often do you pick up and deliver to buildings?

We currently offer the services for a Monday and/or Tuesday pick up with Thursday / Friday deliveries the same week back to the customers office location.

Do you also offer alteration and clothing repair services?

Yes. We have alteration capabilities. from our office pick up system. Known repairs that don’t require measurements such as inseams etc… Button replacements, hole repairs, zipper repair of replacement are all the types that can be done through the pick up laundry services.