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Is Your Company Ready to Make a Social Commitment?

As many of you know, Warren Buffers as a start up company is positioning ourselves at a lot of different levels to augment our dedication to restoring the value in not only shoe care but in social responsibility as well. Our company President has a rich history in providing countless hours in community service endeavors over many years. One of his passions has been in education. He worked for years with the Colorado DECA program, first at a local level with a high school in Denver Metro, then at the district and state level for competition judging and eventually workshop teachings on Engagement, Connections and Relationships. This also carried over in to the FBLA program in Colorado with state competitions in Vail.

Often times, we see there are more people that think it is important to start their own non-profit cause without giving research or thought into existing programs. too many doing the same thing can become counterproductive. You have to evaluate what’s existing, whether it is serving enough of the need and whether your idea for a new non-profit will actually fill a void. With Warren Buffers, there is a passion and drive to really recognize both globally and domestically, the need for sound fitting, climate worthy footwear for many in need. The focus has been on domestic with our new Shoes on America program which we look to partner with existing organizations on. We believe it will trickle over into international, but for now our country has a sometimes hidden issue that these kinds of programs can address.

While searching for like programs, we came across a group that has grown over the years with high recognition as a non-profit that is exceptionally well managed and networked. Although their program is focused on providing new shoes, it certainly is of a worthwhile nature when coupled with other items a child needs to have while engaging in education. We spent some time looking at this group because as you well know, Warren Buffers and our Connects program does not give out endorsements easily. The SHOES THAT FIT program is worthy of time, donation and whatever else you as an individual or as a company are able to contribute. We urge you to check them out, share with your colleagues, management, CFO or whoever may be in a position to further engage. Here they are. .


So much can be said for how a child is affected long term by what they experience in the here and now. We will be working to figure out just how we can play a role in further promoting this group in our growth endeavors, along with several others we have found. Until then, let’s give these kids sole.