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Why Does Auto Hail Repair Take So Long?

Understanding the Process. Step One.

Hail storms are not isolated in the damage they wreak on entire towns or parts of large cities. We’ve seen damage hail repair claims in example down in Texas and Colorado run into 100,000 plus automobiles in large metro areas after a large storm. The damages can be in the billions of dollars to property. Think of all the vehicles besides just your daily automobile that are subjected to claims. Rental car lots, new and used car lots, city, county and state fleet vehicles, company vehicles or all sorts. The list goes on. That is a WHOLE lot of convergence of claims that insurance companies need to process after a storm.

Insurance companies are usually set up with catastrophe teams that will come in and set up claim centers in existing body shops or in most cases makeshift claim tent centers outside of locations such as Lowes or Walmarts etc… On average you can expect to wait up to an hour for step one of the repair process. Getting the initial claim written by the adjuster. They will usually cut you a check on the spot for the damage. Unfortunately, the damage amount is usually under the true cost of repair over 90 percent of the time. Adjusters will often tell you this, as they are not often seeing under the same light system that a PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) technician will be looking through.

Other contributing factors are that insurance claims want to get you into the system first. They have a LOT of claims to process and are booked sometimes for months to even get the initial claim written. Secondly, they know too that many times a customer will pocket the claim check and opt to not have the auto repaired. That can sometimes be due to age, trade in plans etc… so you might tend to see a soft estimate.

Next comes Step 2.  Finding a shop to repair the vehicle. Stay tuned for our next entry.