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It Happens. It’ll Come Again.

For those that live in certain areas of the country, such as Denver Colorado, Boston Massachusetts, Rochester NY, Chicago Illinois and many others, the harsh realities of winter weather will wreak havoc on your footwear.

There’s no escaping the world of salt lined streets and sidewalks unless you travel by hoverboard. We see more salt stains in Colorado year in and year out. Once the streets and sidewalks are salted, the outcome for shoes and boots is always the same.

So how do you clean these up? Looking it up on Google will yield you the tried and true tested use of white vinegar and water. This does work mind you, but will leave your shoes smelling a bit for a while. You have to make sure to allow the solution to penetrate the leather however, or the lines will come back.

The best de-salter product on the market in our opinion is made by Angelus. Odorless, it truly pulls out the salt residue and restores homeostasis back into the leather. It’s what you do after the application that makes the difference. Treating the leather with a saddle soap, followed by an additional spot remover, then adding a leather conditioner back into affected area is the true key component to beating the winter salty’s.