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Here Comes the Winter Salts

It won’t be long before winter hits in all parts of the country. Along with that comes leathers foe, SALT! Salt to leather is like salt to a snail. It is an enemy that needs to be prepared for. 

If you miss preparing with a good water repellent spray, then you most likely will end up with a white stain line that looks to be eating away at your leather. In essence it has. It breaks through the shine layer and essentially attacks the raw leather of the shoe or boot. Washing it away, wiping it off, seems to be of no benefit. This is the salt damaged state. Is there a remedy for this? Absolutely.

To prepare for Winter, you should shield your footwear with a good water repellent spray. Keep a watchful eye on your footwear after being outdoors, and wipe them dry after coming inside. If you miss the prep work and end up with damaged shoes or boots, then it’s time to treat the leather with a good Salt Stain remover. Most good shine shops will have the De-Salter product and then can follow it up with a good leather treatment and color to help restore a match back into the shoes.